JASBEL 基礎教育保障学会

Purpose of establishing JASBEL(What is JASBEL?)

JASBEL (JAPAN SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF BASIC EDUCATION AND LITERACIES) is an academic research organization concerned with the guarantee of basic education for people to live as people. We aim to realize a society where people can receive a wide range of education including pre-school education, vocational education, adult literacy education, etc., while basing this in a society where children receive a proper compulsory education. To that end, we believe it necessary to accumulate research to boost and support suggested practices and policies.
Our society will establish a collaborative research network with researchers, practitioners, administrative officials, parliamentarians, citizens, and parties. We will pursue a new “academic society” from this collaborative research network while maintaining its academic nature.

About member composition

We aim to develop a society where basic education is guaranteed to all people. At JASBEL, we will learn from each other, utilizing the knowledge of people in various fields of education, welfare, labor, etc. while centering on research in basic education. We hope to make Japanese education and society even more prosperous.
We are a group of people who think about the issues of basic education security as "our own" problem, and also discuss and further act to solve them. This group of people is our JASBEL.
The members are made up of the following three types.

General member

Full-time researchers at universities or research institutions

Special members

Practitioners, part-time researchers at universities and research institutes, teachers, administrative staff, lawmakers, policy makers, citizens, residents etc.

Student member

College students, graduate students, night junior high school students, high school students, etc.
It consists of various members including practitioners as well as researchers.

  • · To hold research conferences
  • · To issue Newsletters
  • · To publish academic journals
  • · Others ( Implementation of various projects, survey research, and holding symposium etc.)
About executive office

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Yoshifumi Soeda
Faculty of -----, Fukuoka University
19-1, 8-Chome, Nanakuma, Jonan-Ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, 814-0180

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